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Automate Your Best Buy In-Store and Online Receipts

Automate Your Best Buy In-Store and Online Receipts


We know how annoying receipts and invoices can be even when they are online. But there’s no need to hunt for them anymore. Best Buy makes it possible to automate your in-store and online receipts with Greenback. Greenback fetches them for you automatically and syncs them to your accounting platform. Now there are so many advantages to being a My Best Buy member beyond rewards.

Your My Best Buy membership is the key to setting in motion the flow of your receipt data. When you are connected, your data can be synced. You’ll see your Purchase History along with your receipts in your Greenback transaction feed.

Let’s Start Automating!

First you’ll need to create a free My Best Buy membership.

For a consumer account, go to, click on “Account”, under “Welcome!” and click on Create one. If you have one, enter your My Best Buy member ID. You may already have a member ID if you have a My Best Buy credit card or joined in-store. Enter your Enrollment Code to verify your phone number.

Pro-Tip If you have two accounts, Best Buy allows you to combine them. But you don’t have to because with Greenback, you can connect as many as you like.

Next, (login to your My Best Buy account to test your credentials first if needed).

  1. Sign up for a Free or Premium Greenback account at
  2. Connect your My Best Buy account(s).
  3. Connect your accounting platforms. (Optional)

That's it!

As soon as you connect your account, Greenback starts fetching your receipt data. You'll see your transactions immediately. There's no waiting for days or any setup. Greenback can sync all of your consumer accounts to an unlimited number of accounts in QuickBooks, Xero, or Zoho Books which is great if you have more than one. By leveraging our amazing transaction data, Greenback supplies you key information, in the right context to help you export with confidence every time and reconcile every cent spent. All of your transaction details are indexed, and easily searchable on our platform and the data (along with the receipt) syncs to your accounting package. For high-volume users, there’s a Bulk Export feature that can save you a lot of time or when you need to catch up on record keeping.

No matter how you have your QuickBooks, Xero, or Zoho accounts configured, Greenback’s advanced technology is flexible. During syncs, Greenback automatically matches transactions or creates new ones, auto-fills fields, and automatically attaches the receipt (when available) in your accounting platform for you. Greenback intelligently adapts to your current preferences, custom chart of accounts, and dropdowns. No training wheels are required. You don’t have to worry about duplicate transactions or errors either. Every Best Buy transaction goes thru our thoughtfully engineered validation process to ensure you have 100% accurate financial data in your accounting system.

When you are a My Best Buy member you not only get rewards for purchases, you get enhanced online and store purchase information, and something new that they've added—access to your protection plans and services. Plus:

  • Volume purchasing
  • Business-only price savings
  • Everyday deals plus exclusive savings
  • Large assortment of business products
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders $35 and up
  • Same Day Delivery in select areas and ZIP codes

Best Buy Mobile App

The Best Buy Mobile app is great for power shopping. You can view ratings and reviews, check in-store availability of products, etc. You can even learn more about their products when you are in the store. Just scan the QR or barcode to see more details or compare products while you shop. Call or chat with an expert for recommendations and answers about products, orders and more. Check if an order is ready and scan the barcode on your mobile screen at store pickup. Download the Best Buy Mobile app from the App store or Google Play.

Best Buy Home App

The Best Buy Home app is for helping manage and connect all of your electronic products and appliances. When you sign in to your My Best Buy account, your past Best Buy purchases will be added to the app, so you’ll be able to access your warranty info, product information, manuals, quick-start guides, technical assistance, and live support on the go. You can even scan your WiFi network speeds and record them from different locations in your home, and discover new helpful apps to help make the most of all your in-home tech. Download the Best Buy Home App here Android or Apple. (NOTE: This app is different than the Best Buy Mobile app.)

Best Buy Help Via Text Message

For help, call 1.888.237.8289 or Best Buy Text Messages.

My Best Buy Membership Rewards Program

When you create an online account, Best Buy automatically enrolls you in the free “My Best Buy” program. You receive points to earn reward certificates ie: discount coupons good for future purchases at Best Buy retail store locations in the United States (50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico),, and the Best Buy mobile app. Certain purchases do not earn points such as Best Buy for Business or commercial purchases or products purchased with Best Buy gift cards. Resellers or products purchased for resale do not earn points.

Membership cards, points, and reward certificates have no cash value and may not be transferred except as specified on My Best Buy.

Pro-Tip: Remember that it’s a best practice to keep your payment methods consistent when paying for purchases. Avoid mixing personal with business assets. We also recommend reserving rewards points (as a payment method) for personal purchases only.

Price Match Guarantee

For assistance with price matching, see Best Buy Customer Service.

How to Reprint or Get a Copy of Your Best Buy Receipt

You can see how to get a standard Best Buy receipt here Receipt Copy. But if you never want to look for a receipt again, let Greenback automatically fetch your receipts for you! Greenback stores them for you too.

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