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Connect Your Walmart Seller Account to Greenback

Connect Your Walmart Seller Account to Greenback


To enabled Greenback to access and work with your Walmart Seller data, you will need to generate a API key using the instructions below and provide that key to Greenback.

Generate your Walmart Seller API Key

First, you will need to log into the Developer Center at using your Walmart Seller account.

Next, retrieve the Client ID/Client Secret from the API keys page.

Connecting Walmart Seller to your Greenback account

After generating the Client ID and Client Secret from your Walmart Seller account, you'll need to connect Walmart to your Greenback account. To do this, simply:

  1. login to your account
  2. Click on the price tag icon from the left navigation
  3. Click the new drop down button from the top of the navigation pane and choose the Sales options.

  1. Find the Walmart Seller connection tile and click "Connect"
  2. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret that you previously generated from your Walmart Seller account into the respective fields and click "Connect".

Greenback will now connect to your Walmart Seller account and begin to sync the most recent transactions.

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