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Introduction to Greenback for Pros

Introduction to Greenback for Pros


Greenback for Pros is designed specifically for accountants and bookkeepers that need to manage multiple clients on Greenback. Apply now for Greenback for Pros and enjoy the following benefits:

  1. You and your colleagues can manage your clients from a single dashboard.
  2. Consolidate billing across. your clients to a single invoice.
  3. Pay for subscriptions on behalf of your clients or invite your clients to subscribe independently.

There is no cost to join Greenback for Pros.

How to join

To get started, simply sign in to your Greenback account and visit "settings > teams". You'll notice an "introducing Greenback for Pros" call out at the top of the teams page. Simply click the "Get Started" button and follow the instructions to complete your application.

Join the world's most advanced pre-accounting system.