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Lesson 1 Enrolling & Inviting Your Team Members

Lesson 1 Enrolling & Inviting Your Team Members


Welcome to Greenback, the world's most advanced pre-accounting platform for e-commerce.

This lesson covers how to:

  1. Create a Greenback account
  2. Invite users as team members
  3. Manage teams as an accounting professional

Create a Greenback Account

You can create a Greenback account by enrolling at You can also create an account by connecting Greenback as a supported app from within your accounts (marketplaces, payment platforms and storefront providers).

Simply add the Greenback app from your account's app store, walk through the provided steps, and your account is automatically connected to your new Greenback account!

-> Create a Greenback Account Guide

Invite Team Members

Think of Greenback Teams as a workspace for organizing and collaborating on all data that an e-commerce company generates across difference marketplaces, shopping cart programs and payment providers. Greenback Teams are designed to:

  1. Allow multiple users in an organization to share accounts, collaborate and export transactions.
  2. Provide an easy way for you to switch between multiple teams - perfect for accounting professionals.
  3. Create a Greenback subscription in the name of your company.

-> Create & Manage Teams Guide
-> Invite & Manage Team Members Guide

Manage Teams as an Accounting Professional

As an accounting professional, you can create a team name for each of your customers. Then you can invite your customers as users of the team which allows them to connect all their accounts without having to share their passwords. Your customers can also pay for a teams subscription.


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