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Lesson 5 Mapping Your Data

Lesson 5 Mapping Your Data


Export mappings are a way for Greenback to associate your transactions to the appropriate accounts in your accounting system. In order to export transactions quickly and autonomously, Greenback leverages an export mapping library to automatically associate future transactions with the right accounts in your accounting file.

This lesson covers the four types of export mappings:

  • Memory
  • SKU
  • Tax
  • Customized

Memory Mappings

The most common way Greenback maps accounts is with memory mappings. As you manually export transaction from Greenback to your accounting system, Greenback builds a library that correlates the attributes of the transaction with the previously used accounts.

SKU Mappings

SKU mappings is a great way to automatically map transactions to an appropriate product or service item within your accounting program.

Tax Mappings

If you have tax categories in your accounting program Greenback can map your transactions based on those categories.

Customized Mappings

For more complex scenarios Greenback employs a rules engine to create pre-defined transaction mappings. Custom mappings can be helpful when there are multiple attributes that play a role in determining the appropriate account to map a transaction.

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