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Lesson 6 Transforming Your Data

Lesson 6 Transforming Your Data


Transforms by Greenback can take your sales & expense data and convert it into your desired, consistent format, regardless of volume or complexity. Greenback has powerful rule building to intelligently match specific transactions and transform them even by line item.

Enhancing your transaction data before exporting it saves you the time and hassle of having to go in later to change it or forgetting about it and looking for the problem after the fact.

This lesson covers:

  1. De-duplication
  2. Tax transforms
  3. SKU transforms
  4. Advanced transforms


An override can conflict with your settings on your accounting platform and wreak havoc on your books. However, Greenback can wrangle your structured data so you don’t have to worry about incorrect or missing values or duplicates.

Tax & SKU Transforms

We can allow you to set criteria or exceptions depending on the tax, SKU, product, or service (even when it’s missing).

Advanced Transforms

Transforms by Greenback can help with whatever you need to simplify your workflow and make your sales and expense data work for you with a custom fit.

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