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Greenback Selected as QuickBooks Essential App—Sept 2018

Greenback Selected as QuickBooks Essential App—Sept 2018

We are elated to announce that Greenback has been chosen as one of the most impactful app integrations with QuickBooks Online. Greenback now belongs to a hand-picked select few listed as Essential Apps inside the QuickBooks Online platform. It’s our mission to go beyond the ordinary and wow users with remarkable automation and streamlining features to save your business time and money.

We are thrilled that QuickBooks is making it easier to access apps that can help you connect to the cloud and get the most out of your QuickBooks account. They’ve already done the research and test driving for you to find the most powerful (and smartest) technology for your business.

Why did QuickBooks select us? What sets us apart is simply how seamless, intuitive, and automatic the user experience is. You have less work and more insight because Greenback isn’t just an app. It’s a network that syncs you to your vendors, customers, and seller platforms/marketplaces. Connected accounting ensures fast, 100% accurate data without manual data entry. And you can skip snapping photos of receipts too!

Find us in the App Store or login to your QuickBooks account, go to Apps in the left nav and search for “Greenback”.

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