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Greenback for Sellers

Automated accounting for everywhere you sell. Greenback automatically fetches your sales transactions, separates and itemizes your sales, fees, refunds and reimbursements.

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The easiest way to reconcile your business sales transactions

Greenback makes accounting for your global commerce simple. From fetching your sales transactions to helping you comply with complicated tax requirements across global markets, Greenback has you covered.

  • Connect

    Connect the payment platforms and marketplace accounts you do business with.

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  • Auto-fetch or add

    Greenback automatically fetches your sales transactions, separates and itemizes your fees, refunds and reimbursements.

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  • Export

    Manually or bulk export your data to your preferred accounting system.

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Simple. Connect your accounts and go.

Getting started with Greenback is simple. Just connect your marketplace and payment platform accounts and we'll auto-fetch your transaction data.

  • Itemized Sales Transactions

    Use Greenback to automatically fetch itemized sales transactions from top marketplaces and payment platforms.

  • Fees & Taxes

    Greenback will split out expenses, including payment processing fees and taxes so you can accurately account for your sales.

  • Refunds & Reimbursements

    Greenback will fetch sales refunds and expense reimbursements on the products you sell across different marketplaces and payment platforms.

Direct Integrations

Direct integrations with top merchants and retailers.


Small businesses spend 120 working days per year on accounting related tasks. Greenback can help cut that in half.

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Working with your data

Working with your data is easy on Greenback. View, search, and transform your data, all while maintaining GAAP compliance.

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  • Searching

    Intuitive searching means you don't need to check boxes or flip switches to view transactions related to specific sales, categories or keywords.

  • Catch Me Up

    Need to sync up your historical sales? No problem, Greenback can go back and sync years worth of transaction data.

  • VAT invoices

    Greenback can fetch the necessary VAT invoices from your platforms.

Rules & Transforms

Global commerce is complex. With Transforms you can automatically modify your transaction data upon placement in Greenback, and use Rules to assign your transactions to the right accounts upon export to your accounting system.



New sale from Stripe contains the description Monthly Subscription

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Greenback transforms the transaction to add a SKU number (XR27NU) to the transaction

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Upon export to Quickbooks, Greenback matches the SKU to a sales account and product within Quickbooks

Sync with accounting.

Greenback converts your sales into itemized transactions that can be easily exported to your preferred accounting program.

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  • Export Individually

    Take greater control of your accounting data. Greenback allows you to manually export each itemized purchase on a transaction to your accounting program.

  • Bulk Export

    Use memory mappings and export rules to quickly and easily export transactions in bulk.

  • Mapping Rules

    Configure your sales transactions to export to accounting using export mapping rules.

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Accounting Export Preferences

  • accounting programs

    Accounting Programs

    Connect Greenback to your Quickbooks & Xero. QuickBooks Desktop, Sage and NetSuite coming soon.

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    All Transaction Types

    Greenback separates out your sales, processing fees, refunds and reimbursements.

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    Itemized Export

    Choose to assign your transaction to a single sales account, or itemize out each line item to its own sales account.

  • SKU matching

    SKU Matching

    Automatically assign accounts by SKU or match accounts based on previous exports.

  • facilitator taxes icon

    Facilitator Taxes

    Greenback properly handles marketplace facilitator taxes – tax collected by your marketplace vendor per regulations in some markets.

  • creating contacts

    Creating Contacts

    Create contacts from the source of the transaction (e.g. Etsy Store, Shopify Store) or the customer contact from the transaction (e.g. John Smith).

  • transaction matching icon

    Transaction Matching

    If your transactions already exist in your accounting program, Greenback will give you the option to enhance the existing transaction or create a new transaction.

  • bill and invoice icon

    Bill & Invoice Creation

    Accept multiple payments on your products & services? Greenback will create itemized invoices and apply payments against the invoices.

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    Allocate shipping costs proportionally across all line items or separate shipping costs as a separate line item.


10,000+ awesome companies across the globe trust Greenback for automated accounting.

I was looking for a better way to input all my Etsy sales, including the processing fees and all the other fees they take out, and doing it manually was such a headache! This app makes it so much easier to have accurate sales data and accurate operational expense data. Their customer service is also awesome and I appreciate the knowledgeable blog posts too.

Kelsie Delisle

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