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Greenback Pricing

Simple and straight forward. All prices are in USD.



Great for startups & low volume businesses with less than 30 sales and 15 expenses per month.*

3 Accounts

Connect up to 3 sales or expense accounts.

Limited History

Acquire the last 5 transactions and all transactions going forward.

On Demand Syncs

Sync your data on-demand at any time.

Basic Accounting Exports

Summary transaction exports to your preferred accounting program.



Great for e-commerce sellers with less than 500 sales and 150 expenses per month.*

5 Accounts

Connect up to 5 sales or expense accounts

Historical Data

Complimentary 90 days of historical data (up to 300 transactions).
Need more? Request a Catch Me Up! Details below.

Auto Syncs

Auto sync your sales daily for ecommerce accounts. Retail expenses sync weekly. Sync your data on-demand at any time.

Advanced Accounting Exports

Advanced transaction exports to your preferred accounting program.


Collaborate with your colleagues or accountant.


 Starting @ $49/mo - Contact Us

Great for multi-channel e-commerce sellers with high sales volumes or businesses with high expense transaction volumes.*

Connect all your accounts

Connect all the accounts that power your business.

High Volume

Support for 500 to over 1m transactions per month.

Accounting Automation

Automatically export transactions to your accounting file.

Advanced Accounting

Unpaid and partially paid invoices & bills, deferred revenues and more.

Advanced Mappings & Transforms

Use rules to create complex account mappings and data and tax corrections.

*What counts as a sale or expense transaction?

Greenback only counts transactions that are authoritative in nature such as the original sale or expense. Ancillary transactions, such as sale-related fees, refunds, or reimbursements do not count towards your plan transaction limits.

Need historical data? Check out our Catch Me Ups!

Paid users will receive a complimentary Catch Me Up of up to 300 historical transactions over the most recent 90 days.

Extended Catch Me Ups as low as $49.

Additional historical data can be requested at a one-time cost of $49 for the first 500 additional transactions and $0.03* per transaction thereafter. Catch Me Ups are performed by a support engineer to ensure accuracy and completion of data.

* High volume pricing discounts available for Catch Me Ups over 10,000 transactions






Starting @ $49/mo - Contact Us

Connected Accounts
Connected accounts refer to the accounts you can connect via Greenback. Accounts can be accounting systems, retailers, seller marketplaces and Mailbox accounts.
Connect up to 3 accounts Connect up to 5 accounts Connect 5+ depending on which growth plan you choose
Past Transactions
Transactions dated before your enrollment with Greenback are treated as past (historical) transactions.
5 of the most recent historical transactions per each account Complimentary “catch me up” of up to 300 transactions across all accounts over the most recent 90 days. Additional historical data can be requested with an extended Catch Me Up. Complimentary “catch me up” of up to 300 transactions across all accounts over the most recent 90 days. Additional historical data can be requested with an extended Catch Me Up.
High Volume Transactions
Support for 2,000 to 1m transactions per month.

Syncing Accounts
Greenback syncs transaction data on an internal resource schedule. The frequency of account syncing depends on the Greenback plan.
Monthly Daily & Weekly Daily & Weekly
Original Receipts
All users get access to an automated transaction feed with original, detailed receipts, invoices, and monthly bills directly synced from your connected accounts. We even include ancillary transactions for refunds, returns, or deducted “netted out” fees (eg. eBay, Etsy, etc) and more.
Multi-currency Support
All users have access to our Multi-Currency support for transactions. Currencies and exchange rates are detected and captured directly from the source and tracked throughout our platform —including during exports to your accounting system.
Account Sharing
All users can share their connected accounts with other users. Add your accountant, employees, business associates, or family members to view, track, or export your sales and expense transactions.

Basic Accounting Exports
All users can export transactions one-at-a-time to their connected accounting packages. Basic exports with QuickBooks and Xero include fields for vendor/customer, account paid from or deposited to, line item account (e.g. category), and tax (on a sale). Basic exports include matching existing or creating new transactions plus attaching the original receipt (if one is available).
Bulk Export
Export your transactions individually or watch over a bulk export of 100 transactions at a time. Ready to automate your exports? Simply configure your account mappings and export rules and Greenback will export relevant transactions automatically.

QuickBooks & Xero

QuickBooks & Xero
Auto Accounting Exports
Configure your transactions to export on a pre-set schedule to your preferred accounting program. Auto accounting exports will run automatically and notify you by email of the status of each export.
Advanced Export -> Billable Expense
A billable expense is an expense you incur on your customer's behalf. If enabled in your accounting program, Greenback will allow you to assign an expense transaction to a customer during export so your customer can reimburse them when they receive future invoice.

QuickBooks & Xero

QuickBooks & Xero
Advanced Export -> Class Tracking
Class tracking allows you to organize your transactions by departments, product lines, etc. Class tracking can help you maintain a clear picture of the financial health of each class. If Class Tracking is enabled in your accounting program, Greenback will allow you to assign your transactions to an existing class during export.

QuickBooks & Xero

QuickBooks & Xero
Advanced Export -> Location & Dept. Tracking
Location tracking is used to categorize data from different locations, offices, regions, outlets, or departments of the same company. If Location Tracking is enabled in your accounting program, Greenback will allow you to assign your transactions to an existing location or department during export.


Basic Mappings & Transforms
Create standard account mappings to associate your transactions to the appropriate accounts and categories in your accounting system. Transforms can take your sales & expense data and convert it into your desired, consistent format. Use basic transforms for transaction de-deduplication, calculating tax, etc.

Advanced Mappings & Transforms
Create complex account mappings based on the attributes of your transaction data. For example, leverage the customer address as an attribute when creating rules to properly allocate sales to a specific account in your accounting file. Take advantage of Transforms, a feature that provides customers with the ability to apply rules that can modify transaction data. For example, Transforms can help properly adjust sales tax in situations where tax was improperly configured or applied by the marketplace.

Accrual Support
Unpaid and partially paid Invoices & Bills, Deferred Revenue and more.

Paid users get expert US-based support via email during regular business hours (Eastern Time). Greenback strives to answer your questions or resolve issues as quickly as we can.

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