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Greenback Announces Decimal as First “Greenback for Pros” Master Partner

Greenback Announces Decimal as First “Greenback for Pros” Master Partner

Decimal, the first Greenback for Pros Master Partner

Greenback Inc today published the launch of their Global Greenback for Professionals Partner Program, announcing Decimal as the first partner to achieve Master Partner status.

The Greenback for Pros certification program is designed specifically for accounting professionals across the globe. This program is designed for accounting firms, bookkeepers and advisors and is perfect for organizations that need to manage multiple Greenback accounts.

Decimal has been leveraging Greenback to automate the aggregation and publishing of itemized financial transactions on behalf of their customers, allowing them to provide accounting operation services affordably and at scale.

"Greenback’s Managed Service Partners are vital to the continued growth of our business. We’re proud to enable our program to work with industry-leading Master Partners and their clients,” said Tim Street, Vice President of Business Development for Greenback. “Master Partners like Decimal represent fast growing e-commerce companies. These are companies that require the ongoing expertise and guidance of accounting professionals and benefit greatly from the automation provided by Greenback’s software."

“Greenback’s technology makes our job easier,” said Matt Tait, CEO of Decimal. “The accounting operations of every small business is a combination of technology, people and processes. Greenback is one of the best tools we’ve implemented. Partnering more deeply with Greenback is a no-brainer; it means that we’ll be able to help more small businesses streamline their back office operations.”

Greenback Master Partners enjoy a range of benefits

Greenback Master Partners enjoy a range of benefits designed specifically to help professionals provide financial advisory services to their clients. In addition, Greenback Master Partners are promoted to the 25,000+ Greenback clients across the globe who don’t have an existing advisor but require assistance from a certified accountant.

Many Greenback users are looking to automate the complex task of modern accounting. In many cases they are also looking for a consultative service provider that can help them deal with accounting decisions. Greenback's managed service plan couples a subscription to Greenback with the services of our Master Partners to provide a well rounded accounting solution.

Powering Managed Services

The new Master Partner Referral Program will be a cornerstone of Greenback’s Managed Services initiative, which is designed to cultivate successful partnerships by educating, enabling, and empowering Master Partners to develop, promote, and market their Greenback-enabled services and solutions to their own customers as well as new customers sent to them from the Greenback channel.

About Decimal

Decimal ( is an accounting operations company built for small businesses. We work with small businesses to streamline and outsource their accounting operations (think bookkeeping, bill pay, payroll, invoicing, inventory management, financial reporting, etc). Our combination of technology, process, and people helps us focus on delivering an exceptional experience for the businesses we work well as clean financial statements.

About Greenback

Greenback is a technology company leveraging Robotic Process Automation to aggregate financial data across retailers, merchants, marketplaces and accounting platforms. Businesses of every size use their software to streamline their accounting practices. Founded in 2018, Greenback is headquartered in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Visit and follow Greenback on LinkedIn.

To learn more about the Greenback for Pros program, please visit

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