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Xero/Shopify Integration vs. Greenback

Xero/Shopify Integration vs. Greenback

Here are the reasons Xero users should choose Greenback to automate Shopify transactions:

Keep tabs on your fees

Greenback provides all available upstream provider fees to help you manage the cost of doing business. This level of data, especially from providers other than Shopify, will still require a hefty amount of manual effort to trace back and account for. Using your Greenback connections, all of this data is prepared before it even reaches your accounting file.

Know where your money came from

Making life as an accounting professional or business owner is a goal of Greenback. Knowing where your money came from helps make informed business decisions - a key piece that is missing from the native Xero & Shopify integration. Greenback allows you to use a variety of payment providers while keeping the data in separate ledgers for each connected gateway.

Comprehensive historical data

Would having the transactions that occurred before your connection was established be beneficial? If so, consider limitations that are in place for the native Xero & Shopify integration. With Greenback, requesting Shopify data has no limits.

Maintain customer contacts

Knowing your numbers is only part of the equation. Knowing your customers is equally as important. With Greenback, savvy business owners have the ability to utilize customer contacts for a variety of reasons. Track promotions, celebrate returning customers, uncover trends, or maximize your marketing strategy based on actual customer data, not just the platform name from which it came. Using the native Xero/Shopify integration, the only customer is “Shopify”.

Itemize your tax rates

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, taxes are a necessity of commerce. If you are in a tax situation with even the smallest level of complexity, connecting with Greenback is for you. Managing multiple tax rates, compiling statements, analyzing numbers are more easily accomplished with complete data. Much of this requires manual effort when using the native Xero/Shopify integration. Greenback’s ability to identify and place transactions into the appropriate areas of your accounting file saves you time and headaches.

Precise data fetching

Greenback acquires all available data that is associated with any transaction. It is then presented in a comprehensive manner and customizable before it ever touches your books. It is much greater than presenting totals on paper. Effortlessly track sales, expenses, refunds, and reimbursements on a granular level while trusting that the data is accurate and complete.

A single, linear journey

Connect all your integrations to Greenback and work out of your accounting file. Imagine the time spent logging into each application to gather numbers when it comes time to balance your books. Even if you only sell on Shopify and utilize a single payment provider, you have to match transactions, trace back discrepancies, bounce between files, track settlement periods, the list goes on. Now, multiply that effort by each marketplace, payment provider, and storefront you maintain and it escalates rapidly. The native integration between Xero & Shopify may help partially solve some of these issues, or you can let Greenback completely solve all of them.

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