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Export Results

Export Results

Export Results

When transactions are exported from Dext Commerce, we run a few checks on your data to make sure it’s accurate, up to date, and complete. This page details what each Export result means.

Created Transactions

The created transaction list displays all the new transactions that were exported to your accounting system successfully.

Updated Transactions

The updated transaction list displays transactions that already exist in your accounting system, but are out of date or have been modified. Commerce has updated these transactions with new information.

Matched Transactions

The matched transaction list displays transactions that already exist in your accounting system. These transactions have not been exported by Commerce.

Unmapped Transactions

The unmapped transaction list displays transactions that have incomplete information and require additional input before they can be exported correctly. The transactions displayed will have a message detailing the field(s) required. Once those fields are mapped, the transactions can be re-exported.


Commerce learns from your actions! If you have multiple transactions with the same mapping needed, you do not need to individually map each one. Simply map one, and then reload the mappings with the Mappings button.


The errors list displays all transactions were unable to be exported due to errors. Some common occurrences for this are authorization timeouts or permission issues. The help guide for the transaction's source integration may have further information. If the error is not listed there, you can submit a support ticket by emailing

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