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Historical Data With Catch Me Ups

Historical Data With Catch Me Ups

Data Going Forward

When you connect an account on Greenback you will be limited to the most recent 5 historical transactions and all transactions going forward. To acquire additional historical data, you will need a "Catch Me Up".

What is a Catch Me Up (CMU)

The CMU is a service from Greenback that acquires historical data for a connected account. CMUs are an automated services managed by a support engineer to ensure complete and accurate historical data.

How far back can I go?

When you request a CMU, a support engineer will provide you with any limitations on our ability to acquire historical data.

Most Integrations

The scope of historical data varies from integration to integration. In most cases Greenback can acquire multiple years of historical data. There are a few known exceptions to this listed below.


eBay only stores your data for 90 days. However if your eBay transactions were settled using PayPal, Greenback can back-fill summary level transactions going back 3 years. PayPal is limited to summary data as it will lack the specific items sold or purchased. For assistance on acquiring historical eBay data, please contact Greenback support for assistance.

Amazon Seller Central

If you need Amazon Seller Central transactions older than 90 days, you will need to specifically request historical statements before Greenback can fetch those transactions.

Learn how to request Amazon Seller statement data older than 90 days

How much does it cost?

Paid users will receive a complimentary Catch Me Up of up to 300 historical transactions over the most recent 90 days. Additional historical data can be requested at a one-time cost of $49 for the first 500 additional transactions and $0.03* per transaction thereafter.

** Note: ** High volume pricing discounts available for Catch Me Ups over 10,000 transactions

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