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Migrating your Personal Workspace to a Team

Migrating your Personal Workspace to a Team
Collaboration Replaced By Teams

Greenback Teams replaces the previous Collaboration feature. Instead of sharing specific connected accounts with other users via Collaboration, Teams brings all of your colleagues into a single workspace and allows all Team Members to connect accounts. Existing collaborated accounts will continue to be supported, however to collaborate on accounts going forward you will want to create or join a team.


To collaborate across connected accounts within a Team, you'll first need to migrate accounts from your personal workspace to the new Team. To do this you will need to:

  1. Ensure you are working within your Personal Workspace. Click your name in the top right corner and ensure your Personal Workspace has a green checkmark signifying that it is the active account.

  2. Go to "Settings > Migrate to Team".

Choosing the Accounts to Migrate

You will now be presented with two steps.

Step 1 - Choose a Team The first step will ask you what team you wish to migrate accounts to. You will need to create a new team If you are not currently a member of a team.

Step 2 - Choose the accounts to migrate Next you'll want to choose those accounts from your Personal Workspace that you wish to move to the selected Team from step 1. Accounts owned by you will be presented separately from accounts that have been shared with you through the previous "Collaboration" feature, which has now been deprecated in favor for Teams.

Migrating Collaborated Accounts

Accounts that have been previously collaborated with you by another Greenback user are available for migration to a Team. However, those accounts will continue to be presented as Collaborated accounts and can be revoked by the account holder at any time.

Your Subscription Status Matters

Users with an active subscription to Greenback can only migrate accounts to a Team with an active subscription.

Ownership of Migrated Accounts

Once an account has been migrated to a team, that account will now be "owned" by the team. Collaborated accounts and can be revoked by the account holder at any time.

Note: You can easily migrate accounts across teams, but you will not be able to migrate accounts from a team back to a Personal Workspace.

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