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Transaction Snapshot Report

The snapshot report will look at all transactions within the current context and provide a sum of sales, refunds, expenses and reimbursement. The graph will display data on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly view, depending largely on the date scope of the data.

Snapshot reporting per integration

Integration specific snapshot reports can be found at the top of each integration dashboard. To view the snapshot report for a specific integration, first find the integration from the left navigation.

Snapshot reporting across all integrations

To view the snapshot report across all of your transactions, click the list icon from the left navigation.

Using Filters to change the snapshot report

You can use the filters to change the snapshot report. You can adjust the report by date range, transaction type and export status. You can also limit by account from the Transaction Dashboard (list icon in left navigation).

Using search to filter the snapshot report

You can use the search box to the snapshot report. This can be helpful when wanting to report on a specific transactions. In the example below, we refine the results to include only "payment processing fees"

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