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Filtering Your Transactions

Filtering Your Transactions

Filtering your transactions

When viewing transactions on Greenback you use the filter bar to refine the view and search within the record set.

Filter by date

To limit transactions by date, use the calendar menu to choose a preset date range or select a customized date range using the calendars.

filter by transaction type

Use the filter menu to filter transactions by transaction type. You can filter transactions to include only sales or expenses.

You can further filter results to include only specific sales related transaction types such as sales receipts, invoices or refunds as well as expense related transaction types such as purchases, bills or reimbursements.

filter by export status

Use the filter menu to filter transactions to include or exclude transaction that have been previously exported to an accounting program.

Include trashed transactions

You can also use the filter menu to include transactions that have been previously trashed. Trashed transactions are hidden from your transaction list unless explicitly defined to be viewed using the filter menu.

Sorting Transactions

You can choose to sort the transactions by date in ascending or descending order.

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