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Manage or Remove Accounting Programs

Manage or Remove Accounting Programs

Updated: January 20, 2021

Manage Accounting Programs

  1. Click the Accounting icon and then choose the accounting program from the list.

  1. Select Manage.

From this screen you can

  1. Rename the account.
  2. Disable automatic syncing with Greenback (not recommended)
  3. Disconnect the account on Greenback

Disconnecting your account will stop further updates, but retain your data.

  1. Delete the account on Greenback

When you are done making changes, click the Update Credentials button.

Manage Collaborations

You can also manage any existing collaborations you may have enabled on the connected accounting file.

Collaboration Replaced By Teams

Greenback Teams replaces the previous Collaboration feature. Instead of sharing specific connected accounts with other users via Collaboration, Teams brings all of your colleagues into a single workspace and allows all Team Members to connect accounts. Existing collaborated accounts will continue to be supported. However, to collaborate on accounts going forward you need to create or join a team.

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