Fetch Itemized Receipts. Automatically.

Quickly sync itemized receipts of sales and expenses from top stores and channels. No manual data entry. Export to QuickBooks, Xero, and more.


More Productivity from your Purchases

We believe exchanging emails, paper, or PDFs for invoices and expenses is cumbersome and error prone. While convenient for the sender, it's painful for the recipient.

Greenback directly connects customers with vendors for a seamless electronic exchange of invoice and expense data. We include detailed line items, shipping, billing, and payment data with no manual data entry. Both parties win with a complete picture of the transaction.

  • Connect vendors


    Connect to vendors with just a few clicks. Our direct integrations make it fast and simple.

  • Know your spending


    All your transactions in one system, searchable, and 100% electronic including line items, shipping, billing, and payment data.

  • Export to QuickBooks


    Match and sync invoices and expenses with your existing accounting software. We support QuickBooks and many others.


Get an overview of all your spending

Home Depot Account Page

Account Page

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Connect With Dozens of Vendors

Transaction Detail Page (Delta)

Detailed Receipts

Home Depot features original receipt view

Original Receipts

Greenback Integrates With

  • Amazon.com
  • Uber
  • Home Depot
  • NewEgg
  • Staples