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Connecting Your Accounting Program

Connecting Your Accounting Program

Why should I connect an accounting file?

If you plan to export your sales or expenses to an accounting file such as QuickBooks or Xero, you'll need to first connect the file within Greenback. In addition, connecting an accounting file on Greenback is important as it allows the software to intelligently prepare for how data will flow from Greenback to your books.

Once an accounting file is connected, Greenback will reference your accounting plan's supported features, chart of accounts, products & services, SKUs, customer lists and more when exporting data from Greenback to your books.

Connecting a new Accounting file

To connect a new accounting file to Greenback click on the calculator icon from the left menu and choose "New > Accounting" from the top.

Next, you'll want to choose the accounting program you would like to connect from the list of supported integration.

Follow the instructions to authenticate and approve the connection of your accounting file to Greenback.

Depending on the integration, you will likely be asked to sign in to your accounting account and approve the connection to Greenback.

You will now see the accounting files you have connected listed down the left side of your screen when viewing your connected accounting programs (calculator icon).

What Next?

Now that you've connected an accounting file, be sure to learn how to configure your accounting file export preferences.

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