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Contacts and Xero

Contacts and Xero

Contacts in Xero

In Xero, each contact contains critical information like name, email, address, and tax details. These contacts can be individuals or organizations, and transactions such as invoices, bills, and expenses can be recorded against them. Xero treats all customers, vendors, and suppliers as contact records.

Understanding Contacts in Dext commerce

When exporting transactions from your Sales integration to your accounting program, Dext Commerce attempts to match a transaction to an existing contact. If a match can't be found, Dext Commerce creates a new contact within your accounting file during the transaction export process. There are two methods used to create contacts:

Level 1 Contacts
Dext Commerce matches or creates the primary contact based on the source of the transaction (e.g. Amazon, Etsy, Stripe). This approach is recommended if you have a large number of transactions and prefer to keep your contact lists manageable within your accounting file.

Level 2 Contacts
Dext Commerce matches or creates a new contact using the secondary contact on the transaction (typically your buyer or seller name). This level is useful for e-commerce sellers who prefer to associate sales with customer names within the accounting file.

You can control the customer/contact records associated with your transactions from the Accounting Export Preferences dashboard. For more information on configuring your accounting export preferences, please visit Configure your accounting export preferences.

Pro Tip

Some accounting packages are designed to handle smaller numbers of contacts. As a general guideline, Dext Commerce recommends using Level 1 contacts.

Mapping Contacts with Mapping Central

Mapping Central simplifies the process of setting up mappings for your financial data, including contacts in Xero. After connecting your Xero account with Dext Commerce, Mapping Central identifies contact data from your Sales integration and suggests mappings based on your accounting export preferences.

To use the Suggested Mappings feature for Contacts:

  1. Access Mapping Central
  2. Review the Suggested Mappings
  3. Select the Destination Contact in Xero
A Reminder

We recommended using Level 1 Contacts for most users. This will help keep your data clean and your accounting software performing well.

  1. For each identified contact, select the corresponding contact in Xero where the data should be mapped.

If you encounter any issues or have questions while using Mapping Central, our other help articles and support team are always here to assist you at

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