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Technical Guide: Faire

Technical Guide: Faire

Connect Your Account

Faire requires a seller to send them a support ticket to request an access token. This email needs to be sent from your main Faire account email address.

Connect your Faire seller account to Greenback using the following steps:

  1. Generate your Faire access token by emailing with the following, or similar, template:
Hello Faire Support,

I am requesting our Brand's API key in order to integrate with Dext Commerce (Greenback) and their accounting platform. I have included our account information below:

Brand Name:
Contact Name:
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:


Your Name

Once your token is received:

  1. Connect to Greenback
    • Log in to your Greenback account
    • Go to Connect an account > Sales > Faire > Connect +
    • Paste the token into Greenback's Access Token field
    • Click Connect

Supported Regions

United States

Greenback fully supports Faire in this region.

Catch Me Ups

If you are in need of your historical transactions, Greenback can gather those for you. There are no time restrictions on historical Faire transactions.

Learn more about gathering your historical transactions

Open Transactions

Faire has three order statuses: New, Unfulfilled, and Fulfilled.

Learn more about Faire's order statuses

Until an order is fulfilled, Greenback marks the transaction(s) as "Open". In order to provide the most accurate accounting data possible, these transactions are unavailable for export during this time.

Greenback also provides details as to the order is still open:

Rest assured, there is no additional work created by this process. Because Greenback automatically syncs your connected accounts, when these Faire transactions are fulfilled, they become available for export.

Are you tracking inventory? Know that shortly after your shipping carrier scans your shipment, Greenback releases "Open" transactions. It may take a few days for all parties to have this data posted in order for it to be reflected in the Greenback app, but exportable transactions are not dependant on your Faire payment schedule.

Your Data

Greenback gathers all data associated with each transaction from connected integrations. Faire provides:

  • Regular transactions
  • Refunds
  • Fees
  • Shipping addresses
  • Buyer names
  • Sales reference IDs
  • SKUs
  • Variants
  • Order state (New, Unfulfilled, Fulfilled)
  • Payments
  • Deposits
  • Discounts
  • Shipping costs

Faire data does not include:

  • Billing addresses
  • Taxes
  • Tips

Additional Info


Faire's API is based on USD. Consider this as all payment information acquired by Greenback will be in USD regardless of region.

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