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Connecting Accounts

Connecting Accounts

Introduction to accounts

Greenback supports a growing list of retailers, marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, point of sale systems and payment providers. When you connect an account on Greenback, you are authenticating Greenback to fetch your itemized transaction data from the provider. Greenback will convert your transaction data to a normalized data model perfect for use with accounting programs.

Connecting a sales account

To connect a new sales related account (seller marketplaces, e-commerce platforms, payment providers) choose the price tag icon from the left navigation and click the "new > sales" button at the top of the side navigation pane.

Connecting an expense account

To connect a new expense related account (retailers, point of sale systems) choose the wallet icon from the left navigation and click the "new > expense" button at the top of the side navigation pane.

Mailbox for emailed receipts

Be sure to check a Greenback Mailbox to automatically convert emailed receipts and invoices for millions of vendors.


To connect an account you will first need to authenticate. Each integration is different but can generally be summarized into one of three methods. When connecting an account, Greenback will provide you with detailed instructions on how to authenticate.

Authentication method: username & password pair

Most integrations will require you to authenticate the connection to Greenback by entering your username and password pair. Amazon is a good example of username/password pair authentication.

Authentication method: oAuth authentication

Most integrations that provide an app store for customers to explore third party apps will use oAuth authentication. With this method you will be redirected from Greenback to an approval process within the integrations own web site. You will have to first sign-in to your account and approve the request to connect your account to Greenback. Squarespace is a good example of oAuth authentication.

Authentication method: token authentication

A smaller number of integrations will require that you generate an access token from within the integrations own web site. Greenback will prompt you for the access token as part of the connection process. The access token acts as a "key", allowing Greenback to access your data.

How to address two factor authentication

After connecting an account, you'll want to make sure that Greenback is able to complete the first sync and return an initial set of transactions. It's during this process that you will be prompted to correct any authentication errors that may arise. In addition, some integrations may have additional security protocols commonly known as Two-factor Authentication (2FA) that will require action on your behalf. Here are a few examples of 2FA that you may encounter.

PIN based authentication

PIN based authentication will often result in an email or text message being sent to you that contains a short PIN code. Greenback will prompt you during the sync process to enter the PIN code to complete the 2FA request.

Username/Password authentication

In some cases you will be prompted to enter your username and password for a second time.


Another 2FA method often used is the Captcha. If required, Greenback will prompt you to complete the captcha 2FA request.

All set! your account is now connected

After completing the authentication process you will notice a few recent transactions sync to Greenback. Greenback will automatically sync transactions going forward.

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Syncing transactions

Greenback will sync your transactions automatically on a regular basis. You can also sync your latest transaction data to Greenback at anytime using the sync button at the top of each integration page.

Need historical data? Request a "Catch Me Up"

Do you need data prior to signing up with Greenback? Paid plans include a limited set of historical data. Need more? be sure to request an extended "Catch Me Up", starting at $49.00 for the first 500 transactions. Additional historical transactions can be fetched at a cost of $0.03 each. Historical Catch Me Ups are performed by a support engineer to ensure accuracy and completion of data.

Need historical data?

If you require historical data please submit a Catch Me Up request by email at

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