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Introduction to Auto Exports

Introduction to Auto Exports

What Are Auto Exports

Auto Exports are one of the many automation features from Greenback. Automatically export your transactions during a set timeframe from Greenback to your accounting platform with minimal human interaction.

Why Are Auto Exports Valuable?

Save Time Auto Exports takes the already convenient single and bulk export processes and does it for you. Once exporting your transactions manually has been optimized, let Auto Exports do the rest. While using the Bulk Export feature allows you to move up to 500 transactions with a single click of a button, imagine moving all of your transactions* with no clicks!

* Greenback does not limit the number of transactions that can be exported. However, your accounting platform may have daily limits in place.

Reduce Errors Remove the human element from another step of data manipulation. Auto Exports allow for transactions to seamlessly flow from Greenback to your account platform.


To ensure the best experience with Greenback's Auto Export feature, optimize your accounting platform before requesting this feature. This includes items such as accounts, tax centers, products/services, categories, SKUs, etc.

Greenback mappings and transforms, if any, should be in place.

Auto Exports are best suited to start on a future date. It is recommended to continue manually exporting transactions until then.

How To Enable Auto Exports

To enable Auto Exports, simply request it during the onboarding process. If you have already completed the onboarding process and have decided that this feature is for you, email

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