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Introduction to Teams

Introduction to Teams


Greenback Teams are designed to help companies share connected accounts across multiple users. To collaborate across connected accounts, simply create a new Team in Greenback and invite your colleagues as Team Members. Connected accounts can then be managed by all team members based on their permission level.

Greenback Teams are designed to:

  1. Allow multiple users in an organization to share accounts, collaborate and export transactions.
  2. Provide an easy way for you to switch between multiple teams - perfect for accounting professionals.
  3. Create a Greenback subscription in the name of your company.
Collaboration Replaced By Teams

Greenback Teams replaces the previous Collaboration feature. Instead of sharing specific connected accounts with other users via Collaboration, Teams brings all of your colleagues into a single workspace and allows all Team Members to connect accounts. Existing collaborated accounts will continue to be supported, however to collaborate on accounts going forward you will want to create or join a team.

Teams vs. Personal Workspace

All Greenback accounts are automatically assigned a personal workspace. Your personal workspace will contain all of your connected accounts. If and when you are ready to create or join a Team on Greenback, you'll have the ability to migrate all of your connected accounts from your personal workspace to the Team workspace.

Ownership of Migrated Accounts

Once an account has been migrated to a team, that account will now be "owned" by the team. Collaborated accounts and can be revoked by the account holder at any time.

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