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Technical Guide: Stripe

Technical Guide: Stripe

Connect Your Account

Connect your Stripe account to Greenback using the following steps:

  • Log in to your Greenback account
  • Go to Connect an account > Sales > Stripe > Connect +
  • Click Connect

You are then redirected to Stripe. Follow the on-screen instructions to authorize the Stripe connection.

Greenback will attempt to connect to an active session of Stripe. Ensure that you are connecting to the desired Stripe account. Stripe will display this data during the authentication process. Select “Switch user” from the drop-down menu to select the proper account (if necessary). Once authenticated, you are directed back to your Greenback account where your most recent transactions begin to sync.

Supported Regions

Greenback currently supports all regions in which Stripe operates.

Catch Me Ups

If you are in need of your historical transactions, Greenback can gather those for you. There are no time restrictions on historical Stripe transactions.

Learn more about gathering your historical transactions

Your Data

Greenback gathers all data associated with each transaction from connected integrations. Stripe provides:

  • Normal transactions
  • Buyer name
  • Buyer email
  • Reference IDs
  • Payment processing fees
  • Refunds

Additional Info

SKU Management

Routing product/service information to the appropriate accounts by SKU is possible with Stripe. Greenback uses information contained within Stripe’s metadata to make this possible.

Learn more about utilizing metadata in Stripe

Tax Transforms

Let Greenback transform your Stripe data so that taxes are discernible. Tax data, while included with your Stripe sales, is part of the total sum and therefore not specified on transactions. Whatever tax treatment applies to your situation, Greenback builds rules so tax information is specified on our platform - before you need to manually input it from your accounting system.

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